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Friday, 24-Mar-2017, 7:58 AM
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Added 14-Mar-2009 Mechalic

Total comments: 3
That's what we've all been waiting for! Great <a href="">poisntg!</a>

Thanks for another great guest post, Nicole. I'm of a<a href=""> dtliauy</a> about the short comments and I can usually discern which ones are sincere and which are not. A "nice post" type comment from a blogger who comments regularly or from a someone who is visiting first time but I find to be a pretty legit blogger can be okay as a sort of comment equivalent of a smile or a pat on the back. If it's just a "look at me, check out my blog" sort of thing then I'm not impressed. I can usually tell the difference. Some bloggers just have a difficult time coming up with something to say. I know you're not like that, Nicole, and I'm the same as you in that I can usually come up with a few additional words to add more substance to my comment.As for the "anonymous" comments, usually they are spam, but there have been occasions when they come from someone who doesn't have a Blogger account and have found my post through an internet search or some other way. Often those comments have been from people who knew someone I was writing about or familiar with my topic and they want to weigh in on it. I always do a quick check of the content of the anon. comments and publish them if they are relevant.Overall though you are accurate on your points.Thanks for a great post, Nicole!Lee

Hey Beth I hate spicy food, so no, even with the green chiles, they aren't spicy. You could add jlaopaens, if you want them spicy. They were really good. It's a good thing to do with those cheap chicken breasts that I told you about. I really couldn't believe I got an entire pan of food out of just two breasts.

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