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Friday, 24-Mar-2017, 8:03 AM
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Communication Applications [19]
a Bunch of applications to keep you in contact with friends
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[ · Download from mirror (5.59 MB) ] 18-Jan-2009, 7:34 AM

Category: Communication Applications | Added by: Tenshi
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Total comments: 3
Discovered your site using Ask. This is a pretty good<a href=""> acrltie</a>. I hope to see you remove the main point of this<a href=""> acrltie</a> and make another second<a href=""> acrltie</a>, maybe include a vid, too?

. So long as those are isolated<a href=""> entves</a>, those types of comments are understandable.Andrew,You make a valid point about #5. There are those times when a "nice post" is all a blogger needs to keep going, especially in the beginning stages or blogging. I can't tell you how many days I spent participating in those NaBloPoMo<a href=""> entves</a> and didn't receive one comment from fellow participants! That made me think that I was wasting my time, so now, you won't see me doing another NaBloPoMo unless I have a fellow blogging partner doing it with me. Otherwise, nope, nah, no NaBloPoMo for me! Anstice Potts,Cool name! No. 5 seems to be quite popular among bloggers themselves. Timing definitely plays a part in the type of comments readers leave, I know. Your comments are just as worthwhile and meaningful as the other comments that you read beforehand. Believe in yourself and your ability to leave comments that meet or even exceed the quality of the "other" comments. You can do it :)If all else fails, just comment on another reader's comment...that way, you can just build off of whatever great thing they said and still feel just as awesome!bucksaver,The sweet spots are what stand out every time. I like the title of VIPs for loyal bloggers. That's cute.LD Masterson,It happens...many times, people are just short on time and that is understandable. In some circumstances, the reader who left a short comment is better off than the reader who didn't join in on the conversation. Shorter can rock and trump silence every time. It's all in how it's done that makes all the difference in the world :)klahanie,One of my comments vanished as well. I wish I did know what happened but nope, I don't. It's that weird Blogger thing...and I'm not a fan of it. Technology is weird that way sometimes.Angry Admin,Good thing that you found what you read to be useful.Gregg,Haha, that's a good one! Looks like you're learning. LOL. The thing is...those three-four lines have some substance. That counts a lot more than "Great post!" on many occasions :)

Fidinng this post. It's just a big piece of luck for me.

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